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Posted by the recommendation of atiannala. The Vampire… - Sleep Waking [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sleep Waking: A Dream Discussion and Interpretati

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[Jan. 30th, 2005|03:23 pm]
Sleep Waking: A Dream Discussion and Interpretati


Posted by the recommendation of atiannala.

The Vampire Dream: 01/30/05

I had a massive weird dream last night involving vampires. It took place at a house I had never been to before, but reminded me of my cousins'. It was the house of a very well off family. There was gravel outside. And green grass. The house was in a neighborhood similar to mine and it was spring or summer out. Summer, I think. The sky was blue, no clouds. Their daughter had been kidnapped by the vampires. All on the lawn was little pieces of jewelry. Earrings and necklaces with real precious stones in them (some had plastic). I collected all these because, apparently, the vampires couldn't touch them. And then I spent the rest of the time running away from these vampires and trying to figure out how to find the little girl. I could fly, too, apparently. But I didn't have control when I flew, or I had very little control. So when I was flying, I lost half the jewelry. I'd be turning in the air and I couldn't tell with way was up, and the jewelry would just fall out of my hand (why I didn't just close my hand, I don't know). And whenever I landed, I landed hard. I got to this one house where Lisa and Maggie Simpson were, and Lisa gave me some advice on the vampires. At their house, I put on the jewelry. Two pairs of earrings and like four necklaces. One of which was a minotaur penny necklace (that's what I recognized it as in my dream. It was acopper coin with a red jewel in the middle). The two stone types were emerald and amethyst for the other jewelry. I couldn't wear the rest of the earrings, so I left them on the dresser. Oh, and Maggie and Lisa were jumping on their bed when I met them. I think that's around when I woke up the first time. But before that I had also met Angel. He was the only non-classic vampire. The others were dracula-esque (and one or two thugs a la The Lost Boys). I had landed in town in front of a theatre or someplace and the vampires started to attack me, and I held out the jewelry in my hand (before I had put it on) and tried to fight them off ("I have the jewels, you can't touch me, look!"). There were too many, though, and one of them had sharp claw things. So I grabbed angel, who had been scratched by these claw things, and tried to fly away. The vampires laughed at me for trying to fly with Angel, but then I did it. We had to fly low to the ground because he was heavy, but we went fast. I couldn't really see where we wee going because my face was buried in Angel's shoulder, but we didn't crash into anything. And in the meanwhile, I used him to help decide which stones were real and which were plastic. And then we got to Lisa and Maggie's house.

I think, after the first time I woke up, the dream was incomplete. There was something I was going to do. So I went back to sleep to finish it. The second time I woke up, I couldn't remember the dream-- but I knew I had it. Every detail was gone from my head until I looked in the mirror and saw my earrings.

The Driving Dream: 01/04/05

Wow. So I've just woken up from a nightmare. I have a headache, now, too. And I suspect an oncoming cold or something. I'm hesitant to say flu. So, I went to bed at 7 tonight (In order to initially get rid of said headache). Woke up at nine, headache still there. Go back to bed, have nightmare.

In the dream, I was home and had just woken up and went downstairs. It was one in the morning, but my family was still up. I commented about how light it was at one (it looked like dawn outside). My mom responded about how, yea, it's always like that. I get the feeling that's from my comment about how light it was at 5 in the South, when at school in Boston it's so dark.

Anyway, I go to this home depot place for some eye stuff. It's like a home depot-Costco store. I think that's from my adventures driving that day. Lowe’s was a landmark I used to get to another store. I go in the store and meet up with all these kids I knew from high school. I apologize to Jeremy, who I talked to (IRL) at the grocery today but with whom I didn't really hold up a very good conversation. He was like, no, if I thought you were being rude, I would have walked away. More people come in the store. I find the eye stuff and go to check out, but apparently I put it back down when I put back this facial cream stuff. All I had in my purse was my sister’s eye solution, and no proof that that wasn't the stuff I was going to buy. Girl at register is understanding and tells me to run back to get the bottle. (prolly relating to the office depot adventure when I exchanged a gift 5 months after their return policy expires. BTW, office depot gets a thumbs up for customer service.)

I get back after chatting with some people from hs, seeing some more, and the lady tells me that my laptop, which I left at the register in my purse, was over heated from being plugged in too often. This made perfect sense in the dream, so I though, yea, I'll do that less. Kelly, from HS, was there and commented on that too. I couldn't find the eye solution, so I just left, go outside, and make a surprising discovery. Someone took the door off the trunk of my car, and who knows what else inside. I run back inside to tell my friends. Jon helps me out, I run around questioning people, and I have the sneaking suspicion that one of the kids from my HS did it. Well, a group of them did. Including Niki and Jon. Niki tells me some story about how Ashley wasn't allowed in a Hanson concert and that's why she did it. Apparently, in HS, they all hated me. And Jon was just in on it too because e though it'd be funny, and he didn’t realize they did it then. So I am crying my eyes out, on the ground. I don't know what to do. I need to get home, I go back to the car, Jon with me, and get in. The kids came back and took more stuff, I don’t know what is missing, but I need to get home. I start driving, make a right onto the highway, but suddenly I’m at this bridge and I’m so completely lost (relating to when I actually did get lost after driving Jon to hockey the other day). Jon isn't any help. I make another right onto the bridge, and the road turns into a one-way street. Going the other way. I turn onto another road just before I crash into four oncoming cars and get to this gas station place that is well lit with that bright blue-ish light some lamps have. I am about to call my dad when I force myself awake.

And I wake up with the headache still there.