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Sleep Waking: A Dream Discussion and Interpretati

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Escaping [Jan. 28th, 2005|02:08 am]
Sleep Waking: A Dream Discussion and Interpretati

[Leaves me feeling... |amusedamused]
[In my head there's... |I had a dream last night- romeo and Juilette]

So for my first post I will show the strange randomness that runs through both my consious and subconsious! here goes!

the dreamCollapse )
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i actually remember my dreams [Jan. 27th, 2005|09:15 am]
Sleep Waking: A Dream Discussion and Interpretati

I had two large dreams last night.

The first one had to do with a tornado. I think that was because I was watching some footage about tornados late last night. But in any case, I was ay my very good friend Devin's house and we were with his family. We went outside to walk to dog and saw three huge tornados that suddenly formed into one ginourmous hell-twister. We pooped our pants and ran inside. Shortly afterwards, my family joined us because they were on their way to pick me up (I didn't have my car for whatever reason). Devin's family offered their home as a place for all of us to stay until the storm was over. Then this guy drove by with two little grils and said that he found them alone at the park and their parents were gone. I offered to take them with me, thinking that the sketchy man who had found them was not to be trusted. He offered to tkae them again, but I said no and he gave me the death look. We took the girls in with us, and my uncle randomly showed up as well. The storm went away, we were all safe in Devin's house.

The second dream happened later this mornig, after I had woken up and then fallen back asleep. (slightly repeated from lettersnotsent) A very good guy friend and I were with a bunch of other girls that I didn't really know. He kept on getting up to choose which one he wanted to hang out with. One by one, he chose other girls from the line-up, barely acknowledging me as he went through all the other girls.He ignored me, but I stay put. Finally, after he had chosen the last of them, he turned to me. I was the only one left and he said that he'd been through all those other peopland was now choosing me. I was so angry. But I said okay, trying my best not to care that I was his last pick. I sort of felt that it was better than nothing, and forced myself to smile at him and be happy. And... I kind of was happy despite all that. Despite me being last on his list, I still held on to shreds of happiness. It was so weird and it's kinda of haunting me.

Damned dreams.
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test woooo [Jan. 28th, 2005|06:15 pm]
Sleep Waking: A Dream Discussion and Interpretati

[Leaves me feeling... |relaxedrelaxed]
[In my head there's... |Tori Amos, "The Beekeeper"]

Test test test OMG test
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