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Strangest Dreams [May. 3rd, 2005|09:39 am]
Sleep Waking: A Dream Discussion and Interpretati


[Leaves me feeling... |amusedamused]

Alright, hi dead community! I had a lot of weird dreams last night, but this one is by far the weirdest.

Okay, don't laugh, but Sirius and Remus from Harry Potter were in it. The setting was at some house they lived in somewhere, it was near a forrest of sorts. But not a scary forrest, a nice one. In any case, the two of them were probbaly in their early twenties and had invited me and some friends (though I can't remember who) to stay over for a few weeks of the summer. We were all pretty friendly and were having a good time.

Now apparently, their home was also a farm of sorts because they owned sheep. I know, strange. So Sirius, for some odd reason, had this idea in his head that he needed to sacrifice these sheep to someone. Every day, he took one out to a strange clearing in the forrest that no one else was allowed to see and killed the sheep. We were all pretty weirded out, but Remus shrugged it off so we did too.

A few sheep later, Remus comes running into my room while Sirius is out killing again. He is crying and shows me a book he was looking at to try and explain Sirius' behavior. The book (which was from their huge library. so Remus) detailed that this kind of random and sudden behavior could only mean that the person was posessed and not acting of their own will. It explained that the person would want to sacrifice every living thing around them, and would resort to people after nearby animals were gone. Remus told me that there were no more sheep left after today and that he was surely next on Sirius' list.

I gather everyone and we track down Sirius in the forrest. We arrive at his clearing, which is decorated with candles and incests and there is blood everywhere from the sheep he had killed. He turns around from killing the last sheep and looks at us, and we realize there is this huge blue thing covering his mouth. It is talking for him and obviously has him under it's control. It starts saying things like everyone will die etc. etc. Then Sirius starts moving towards Remus with outstretched arms, and everyone (minus Remus) jumps on Sirius to try tackle him to the ground. I try to rip the blue thing off of him, but it takes a lot of effort for it is stuck on pretty tight. I finally pull it off his face and the blue thing is wriggling in my fingers. Gross. I put it in one of the candles and it melts, filling the entire candle bowl with it's ew. It's still talking and is obviously not dead. So what do I do with it? I pour it into a conviniently nearby bottle of shampoo, drowning it and ending it's plans for world domination.

Sirius and Remus meanwhile have a conversation like this:

Sirius: I'm so sorry Remus, I couldn't control myself
Remus: It's okay, I understand. I'm sorry i couldn't help you earlier.
Sirius: Don't be. We don't have any sheep left because of me!
Remus: It's okay, we can get new sheep!
Sirius: Really?
Remus: Really.
Sirius: I love you!
Remus: I love you too!

I am thinking that I am the savior of the world having figured out that the monster would drown in shampoo. I'm telling people to call the president and inform him of what happened and stuff like that. Then I woke up.

Hm. Strange I am.

[User Picture]From: lindskaba
2005-05-03 07:00 pm (UTC)

I don't know why this is so funny to me, but it is. And I love you.
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