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normal night, going home, then *bang*... - Sleep Waking [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sleep Waking: A Dream Discussion and Interpretati

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normal night, going home, then *bang*... [Mar. 1st, 2005|02:44 am]
Sleep Waking: A Dream Discussion and Interpretati


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Hello all~!! Movin' in =D I'm new here, my name's e*v*a and I'm 22 from Houston, TX. Maybe you wonderful people can help me. Well, I don't know where to start exactly but to say that I've been plagued by nightmares of myself getting shot by a firearm for the last 1 1/2-2 years I believe...just about every week or so i have these dreams. Quite frankly, I'm tired of having these nightmares(?) and not knowing what they mean. I want to rule out that I fear guns in real life b/c my father owns one and it's in the house and I work around cops everyday, but I dunno what else to think anymore. Well, here's a dream for example, that I had last night...

It starts off with myself and my guy co-worker, Max walking me to my car after work. It was night and I just finished working a baseball game at Minute Maid Park. So we were walking around the downtown area and I remember trying to look for the lot that I parked in. Then I looked down and realized that it looked like my cat Bubbles, had followed me to work. So he was following Max & I around, then Max mentioned that he just bought a new vehicle and that it was an SUV and wanted to show it to me. I remember agreeing and he said he'd take me to my car after wards. So we start walking to where he had parked instead and Bubbles was still following close by. When we get to where he parked, I noticed that he parked in a small alley way. He had a big gold colored SUV, like an explorer or a yukon, not too sure of the make or model...then he opened the backseat of his SUV and I climbed in to notice the nice leather interior. I turned around to see where Bubbles was and saw that he was trying to jump in along with me but Max kept pushing him back with his foot, assuming he'll mess up the nice leather interior. I then felt scared for Bubbles b/c I didn't want to just leave him behind so, I began to cry and told Max to please just let him in already b/c I wanted him to go home with me. Reluctantly, Max let him climb in with me and next thing I know, my boss from another venue, Tony came out of nowhere and jumped in the driver seat in a hurry and Max got in on the passenger side. I was confused at that point and I remember Tony telling us that he was on some kinda police business. I guess I felt ok with that. But before we did anything else, this black guy came up to my window that was rolled down half way and puts his back to the door and looks over at me and says, "Do you want to know why *couldn't make out name* didn't come in to work today?" I was then confused as to who this man was talking about and Tony then looks at him and the black guy starts to walk away pretty fast. Tony then puts the SUV in drive when we see a dark brown mini-van drive by. We then follow the van to a loading dock area of a warehouse where it dead ends. Then from my window I could see they were just driving in circles b/c they had nowhere to go. We just stop and observe them doing this for less than a minute. Then they pulled up next by us about 25 feet away. In that moment of silence, I remember feeling no good was going to come out of this. Next thing I knew, the driver from the mini-van pulls out a gun. Strange, even from the tint on the windows of the mini-van, I could see the barrel of the gun. I see two sparks go off from the gun, shots where fired. I remember wanting to tell Tony & Max that they were shooting at us but it happened all so fast and all I could do was look away and I remember that I kept my head straight and closed my eyes...then a split second later, the two bullets that went off came right through my window and one struck me in the left side of my neck below my ear and the other struck me in my left shoulder. I remember the penetration of the bullets, the initial shock I felt and the sheer pain I felt, it felt pretty real. I didn't move and I almost couldn't breathe and I didn't even bother to see how much I bled, I could feel blood gushing out. I then finally let out a cry and tell Tony & Max that I've been shot twice. They didn't seem to show too much concern and they finally drove off to I don't know where. I remember thinking I didn't want to die or was I gonna die? I also remember thinking this was bound to happen, me getting shot. Another thought raced through my head, "Maybe there will be an ambulance where we're going back to." Tony kept drving and that was all I remember...

I apologize if that was long and sorry for the graphic details but that's how I remember it happening. These dreams where I get shot are always so vivid and I tend to remember them from detail for a very long time. Every dream where I get shot, nothing's ever out of place and it never takes place in a fantasy kind of world and it's never surreal. They always take place in very real places and situations and real people are involved. I no longer fear these dreams anymore, I guess b/c they've been pretty on-going and I've grown accustomed to having them. I dunno...but I hope that by sharing one of many of these kinds of dreams, to shed some light on what they mean and why do I keep having them, same scenario, but different situations. Many thanks in advance! *bows*

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From: frigid_leash
2005-04-15 06:06 am (UTC)
Well I see a couple different things, but I don't know if there are any real trauma experiences in your life or not. There is definately a fear of death involved. It doesn't mean that you are afriad of death it could mean there is a sprit of death trying to make you afraid. These spirits try to plant seeds to cause paranoia and make you prone accidents that could lead to death, that is there whole meaning of existance.

The second thing I see is an opportunity to fight a battle that you can fight with sure will. Before you go to bed at night sit and focus and meditate on how you would end have this dream turn into something good. Focus on it and imagine yourself doing it with all of your might. Do this every night and sometimes daily when you have the time.

I did this once with a recurring dream of me getting lost in adark empty house, that always had a light on through the next door but when I walked through the door that room became dark and I could never get out. So I spent sometime meditating and I imagined myself getting up and walking over to the door and turning on the light using all of my will power. A few days later I dreamt the dream again and I changed the dream to exactly what I wanted it to be. I turned on the light and walked out of the house. I've never had that dream again.

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[User Picture]From: hanachanworld
2005-04-17 07:11 pm (UTC)
wow, i never really thought of it that way...hmmm, thank you very much for your wise words and sharing your experience with me...i will definetly take that into consideration and try that meditation exercise you mentioned...once again, thank you for taking the time in reading my entry and for your advice =)
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